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My Practice

    The gift of craniosacral therapy brought me back from a traumatic brain injury and opened a new portal in my life. Through that process, I began to feel whole, in some ways, for the first time. At the start, it was simply a space where I found release from the excruciating pain for a few blessed minutes. Then slowly, as the skilled hands of a craniosacral therapist gained ground with my body, a trust developed that allowed a sense of deep relief to begin entering. This gentle shifting power sought out the hidden crannies of stored pain and coaxed them into my body’s natural irrigation channels to be hydrated and flushed clean. Through these moments of release, I learned to lean into the reality of what’s present here and now, to look into myself more resolutely, gaining the willingness to see my truth more clearly.

    I learned that the skull is not just one bone but a collection of bones sutured together at delicate points of flection with unique abilities of movement and function. Compression or stagnation in one tender spot can interrupt the flow of the craniosacral fluid which is a vital source of energy and balance for the entire body. This process of deep listening to the body on physical, musculoskeletal, and energetic levels can reestablish the integrity of the craniosacral flow, tap into locations of restriction, and offer containment to the places that need more support to be able to receive healing.

    The process of craniosacral therapy is a complex art that can include deep muscle manipulation, light therapeutic touch, energy release, skeletal and soft tissue alignment, somatic trauma release (physically processing out memories stored in the body), and decompression of the cranial and sacral bones. The experiences of this process are different for every person and, often, they even vary from session to session and within a session for the same person. One moment or session could feel subtle, soothing, deeply relaxing and relieving, with an experience of greater ease that slowly unfolds. People coming from surgery or chronic pain often say they feel a sense of deep relief and rest of the nervous system and spirit in a way they haven’t been able to access- maybe ever. Yet other moments might hold specific sensations of shifts, like the release of head, back and jaw pain, anxiety, and muscle tension. The spiritual journey of this work invites growing abilities for personal grounding, self-assertion, self-care, insight into relationships, and powerful energy movement. Expect the Unexpected.


    For me, bodywork has been an incredibly empowering modality in my own life that has allowed me to dive deeply into the layers of who I am and what’s important to me- and to gain the strength and will to integrate that into my body, my consciousness, and now my work in the world. This safe space for pleasure and release, this ability to process stored pain and injury and move it through is a sacred part of my spiritual practice. This holistic approach to healing is an important container for sensitivities and traumas which inspires me to practice nonjudgmental presence for my own life and to share it with you here now. As a guide and a counselor, I offer you my hands and my heart and invite you to enter with me into the sacred temple of your own body’s healing wisdom.

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