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About Me, Reed

    Learning to witness this healer who dwells in me is teaching me how to hear the body-spoken truths beyond explanation. My concurrent practices as bodyworker, hospice chaplain, spiritual counselor, and musician offer me the unique opportunity of sharing myself - body, mind, spirit, and voice - with a beautiful community of self-healers who honor me deeply with their trust and wisdom. My presence is an offering to you. I hold you with reverence.


    To harness this swirling passion of healing forces, I chose to earn certification in the particular modalities of Craniosacral Therapy, Abdominal TherapyYoga teaching, Chaplaincy, and the massage techniques of Deep Tissue, Swedish Relaxation, and Sports Massage. I weave and blend those skills with the intuitive wisdom continually emerging in me as a person who’s come back from a near-death experience and found life again in the hands of great healers who educated my body and spirit wordlessly through their touch.

    For those who choose to enter the sacred collaboration space of my work, your body, too, learns to heal itself in the container of trust and support we create together. Surrendering my hands to the sensitive suggestion of the Great Healer, a powerful connection of energies emerges in our healing space, dissolving the borders of therapist and client, and co-creating a mutually empathic dance of transformation. I believe bodywork is a potent tool for empowerment and healing, and I’m especially passionate about bringing safe and restorative touch to people living through injuries and trauma. My offerings are for every body, every soul, every grief, every pain, every hope, every possibility of healing, and every invitation to witnessing.


     In addition to bodywork, the calling of chaplaincy invites my compassion to deepen as I hold space for the experiences of trauma, severe injuries, or the soul’s final walk through the veil; these profound life changes call in the cherished and stout-hearted guide within me whom I am fortunate to know. The vibration of music-medicine is a chariot of release and acceptance brought to my chaplaincy by the brave souls who dare to invite freedom. The grounding power of yoga breath expands into the vast untouched places of being that only know the elemental language of air. Teaching breath to the cells, and indeed to the spirit, is both our birthright and a radical act of liberation. Sharing music and yoga with the youth who have made their way to the hospital through a long-silenced cry of indignance, offers them a moment — maybe for the first time — to take up space, to be heard.

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